Infrared Saunas - Holistic Healing for the Mind, Body, and Soul  

Heat & Halos 7 Infrared Sauna experience provides our guests with a stress-free oasis, introducing a plethora of full-body benefits complimenting the betterment of your overall health. Guests of Heat & Halo also enjoy the benefits of customizing their Infrared Sauna sessions with a variety of Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy options. Heat & Halo is the Antelope Valleys first Salt Room also Featuring 7 Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas use electromagnetic radiation to have a direct effect on the warming of your body, instead of first impacting the space around you, as in traditional saunas. The idea is for your body to be eager to sweat at a lower temperature, resulting in more compelling benefits due to extended periods of use. There are many physical benefits to regular sauna use including detoxification, blood pressure stability, as well as increased weight loss. Sauna use is known to increase endurance, energy, and overall physical performance.

In addition to health-centric betterment, a disciplined method of sauna treatment can help improve what others around you see. Our sauna experience has a positive effect on skin health with its influence on consistent hydration, maintaining surface pH, and overall relaxation.

  • Hydrate before and after your session.
  • Keep bottles/cups outside of the sauna door.
  • Refrain from applying products to your skin prior to your session; this includes lotions, perfumes, and make-up.
  • The less attire the better for the most skin to be exposed to the infrared. It is encouraged to wear your swimsuit or even less, but either way, do not forget to bring loose clothing for afterward.
  • Remove any jewelry before entering the sauna.
  • Once your session is over, it is important to allow your body time to cool down, by relaxing as your body will naturally continue to perspire.
  • Please be mindful of others who are utilizing their designated time for quiet meditation.

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Enjoy a 30 minute infrared sauna treatment or a 40 minute session in our salt room.

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