Wound Healing - Infrared Sauna Benefits  

Near Infrared Wound Healing

Did you know that one of the benefits of infrared saunas is faster wound healing and scar minimizing? This cannot be done by any traditional saunas.

Our skin plays a vital role in shielding our bodies from the external environment. When the skin layer is broken, it is important to repair it quickly to prevent infection or other problems. Thus far, traditional saunas have not been to provide the benefit of wound healing.

However, scientific research has shown that NIR (near infrared) therapy can greatly improve the process of wound healing.

NASA-led studies have concluded that NIR LED light promotes significantly faster cell regeneration, wound healing, and growth of human tissue. In some cases, human cell growth increased by 155% -171% and wound size decreased by 36%.¹


  1. Whelan et al; Effect of NASA Light Emitting Diode Irradiation and Wound Healing. Journal of Clinical Laser Medicine & Surgery, Volume 19, Number 6, 2001, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc, pp. 305-314.

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